Certificates and Reports

The documentation of a test or a failure analysis report is the final deliverable provided to the client. The intent of this documentation is to summarize the key components of the project. Although post-stress electrical testing is most often performed by the client, Silicon Cert Laboratories’ certificates of test can be expected to supplement final testing results if pass/fail requirements (solderability testing for example) are required for that particular test and test method. When appropriate, optical images and photographs will also be provided to assist in the explanation of our findings and observations.

The majority of our certificates of test are concise one-page summaries that incorporate all pertinent details relating to the test. SCL’s project proposals typically include the cost of the test and the Certificate of Test provided at the completion of the test.  All documents relative to the test are then stored for a 5-year period of time.

Reports for our analytical services projects, by their very nature, differ considerably from certificates of test.  These reports may range from 3 to 50 pages in length dependent upon the nature and the complexity of the analysis. In addition to text, clients can expect images, graphs, plots and other visuals to assist in understanding and interpreting the results of the analysis.  Silicon Cert Laboratories' overall quality of analytical reports receive the highest of marks when polled by our clients.