SCL Communications


Communication is an important part of Silicon Cert Laboratories’ overall quality of work.  SCL understands the importance of our clients knowing the status of their product, such as the receiving of samples, testing of product schedule, and initial analysis of data.  Clients can expect to be informed of approximately when their project will be completed along with periodic updates, including appropriate feedback or observations.  Communication is vital when clarifying and summarizing our client’s requirements during the request-for-quote (RFQ) process.  Silicon Cert Laboratories' intent is to safeguard against any misunderstanding about the test or analysis that is being performed on the product.

If requested, SCL can provide a Work-In-Progress status report based upon our in-house Customer Tracking System (CTS).  This system was developed to provide our client services group with timely information regarding expected completion dates of current jobs along with a view of available capacity to plan future jobs.

We take our annual client surveys very seriously; our customer feedback communications has been rated as “outstanding.”  Silicon Cert Laboratories didn’t invent the concept of keeping customers informed… just makes a sound business sense that we practice!