SCL Qualification Testing Planning

 As products approach the design verification stage, decisions on appropriate pre-qualification tests must be made.  For example, the question arises as to which stress tests are the most appropriate to complete the design phase.  Considerations relative to the product that influence what tests and sample sizes are appropriate; factors to consider include its construction, mechanical and electrical properties, unit costs, and schedule.  After the design phase and prior to production, the necessary qualification tests to be performed must be determined.  In addition, external factors that are relevant to to testing are taken into consideration, such as the targeted markets, potential customer requirements, and universal specifications (such as JEDEC, Telcordia, and AEC.)   At Silicon Cert Laboratories, qualification testing planning is not a trivial task.

During the planning stage, if the customer is uncertain about which stress-reliability tests would be appropriate their devices, our engineering staff can assist in formulating a battery of tests that would provide useful information to assess the device’s robustness.  With our engineer background consisting of a variety of roles including design, product engineering, process engineering, manufacturing, and quality, our experience has become an asset; our wealth of experience is difficult to duplicate and is highly valued by our clients