SCL Quotation Information

 Our staff understands the urgency that our clients face in having their project remain on schedule.  Whether a project is on, behind, or ahead of schedule, quotations from test laboratories should always be received promptly, concisely, and accurately. The goal of Silicon Cert Laboratories is to acknowledge all client inquiries within hours of receipt and to furnish a quotation within twenty-four hours.  This may vary with the complexity of the requested tests and/or analysis, but the goal remains the same.

As a result of our years of experience in conducting tests and in prior roles as project, process, and product engineers, we have developed a check-list of brief but thorough questions-to-ask during the quotation process. This check-list not only reduces the time to prepare a proposal, but also lessens the potential for misinterpreting or omitting any of your specific requirements.  Responsiveness to a customer's needs is a key ingredient of our overall quality of service.  Contact SCL for a quote today!