IC Counterfeit Detection



Counterfeit ICs present a serious threat to the electronics industry.  Silicon Cert Laboratories offers in-house IC Counterfeit Detection services to assist in determining whether components are genuine or potentially counterfeit.  While the initial step is to thoroughly review the manufacturing and shipping documents accompanying the shipment, the following processes would then be appropriate to conduct a more in-depth assessment.  IC Counterfeit detection entails both external device inspection and internal device inspection.   Process such as Visual Inspection, Physical DimensionsResistance to SolventsScanning Electron Microscopy, Energy Dispersive Xray Spectroscopy, Optical MicroscopyXRAY Imaging, Scanning Acoustical MicroscopyLeak Detection, and Decapsulation are used to determine counterfeit parts.  Silicon Cert Laboratories is your leader for counterfeit analysis and is equipped to determine counterfeit electronic components.