Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST)


The Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST) is a combination of high temperature, high humidity, pressure, and time.  At SCL, our engineering staff provides the option of the HAST test being run with or without electrical bias.

In a controlled manner, HAST testing accelerates the stresses of the more traditional  tests.   Corrosion type failures are accelerated therefore uncovering flaws such as packaging seals, materials, and joints in a shorter period of of time.  

The HAST test is an accelerated stress version of the traditional non-condensing THB (temperature-humidity-bias) test; this results in having the advantage of adding high pressure and higher temperatures (up to around 145°C) to accelerate temperature and moisture induced failures in roughly one-tenth the time required for THB.  Similar to THB at 85°C/85%RH, HAST testing is usually run at 130°C/85%RH, but the conditions can also be varied.

Test Specifications / Standards

Typical integrated circuit HAST testing consists of temperature from 105°C to 145°, humidity from 65%RH to 100%RH, and test run time 96 hours.   Once the highly accelerated stress test is completed, tested samples are returned to the customer in moisture-proof bags with time-to-test labels.   Contact the experts at Silicon Cert Laboratories to discuss and determine your needs for standard driven HAST testing.