Fiber Integrity Testing



Telcordia GR-468-CORE, Issue 2, requires performing fiber integrity tests for all optoelectronics modules and integrated modules with fiber pigtails. The primary purpose of fiber integrity testing is to ensure the attachment of the fiber pigtail to the package. Additionally, if a fiber provides a wavelength stabilization function, the effect of the fiber integrity tests on that function would need to be examined.

Fiber integrity testing includes:

        Twist test
        Side pull test
        Cable retention test

The test conditions vary in consideration of the fiber pigtails of the modules being coated, tight-buffered versus loose-buffered or reinforced.

Silicon Cert Laboratories’ fiber integrity tester has been designed such that special fixturing is not required for most optical components. With a history of having worked in the optoelectronics industry, you can be assured that our staff is comfortable and experienced with handling and testing components with fiber.

Test Specifications / Standards

  • GR-468-CORE,
  • (, - GR-326-CORE,