Data Analysis

Understanding how to test devices is important, but deciphering the results is necessary for success in the semiconductor field.   Silicon Cert Laboratories has a wealth of experience in integrated circuit data analysis.  To assist with the analysis of  testing data, our in-house developed software is designed to meet customer needs.  Harnessing the power and mobility of Microsoft's SQL databases and ASP.NET,  SCL's data analysis is now in its third generation and has evolved over 35 man-years.  Our unique software enables our engineering staff to distinguish between components that are potentially unreliable and those that possess a high probability of functioning as desired for the life of the product.  Designed by a team of electrical, mechanical, and software engineers, our integrated circuit data analysis has also been utilized by clients to correct manufacturing and testing problems.  Our in-depth analysis software includes:

  • Database manipulation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Time series plots
  • Historical box plots
  • Delta plots
  • Shift plots