Outsourcing Integrated Circuit Testing

Knowing that there are occasions during which our clients require having a test laboratory perform an entire suite of tests, Silicon Cert Laboratories can assist with testing requirements if our laboratory cannot offer “one stop shopping” and our client does not have the time nor the inclination to split the testing among two or more laboratories.   Our quality system maintains a list of outside laboratories on an “approved supplier list” for those times when we are asked/approved to perform IC outsourcing testing.   SCL assures that outsourcing testing laboratories employ engineers are both reliable and qualified to   handle our client’s products.  Silicon Cert Laboratories' ISO 17025 accreditation requires that our client be informed of outsourcing integrated circuit testing.

Outsourced tests include:

  • Altitude
  • Die Shear
  • ESD-CDM (electro-static discharge – charged device model)
  • HALT (highly accelerated life test)
  • Latch-Up
  • Residual Gas Analysis (RGA)  aka Internal Moisture Resistance
  • Salt Atmosphere
  • Solder Ball Shear
  • Wire Pull