Fiber Integrity Testing

With the issuance of Telcordia GR-468-CORE, Issue 2 (Reliability Assurance for Optoelectronics Devices/Qualification of Optoelectronic Devices) in September 2004, the requirement to perform fiber testing has been expanded to beyond what had been previously known as fiber pull testing. 

The listing of Mechanical Integrity Tests in Table 4-3 of Issue 2 references three tests which are required for all optoelectronic modules and integrated modules with fiber pigtails. While the test conditions vary in consideration of the fiber pigtails being coated, tight-buffered versus loose-buffered or reinforced, the modules are to be subjected to the following:

  • Fiber Integrity - Twist Test
  • Fiber Integrity - Side Pull Test
  • Fiber Integrity – Cable Retention Test

Silicon Cert (SCL) now performs these tests for clients whose products are required to meet GR-468-CORE, Issue 2.

With SCL’s history and experience in handling components (with or without fiber), you can be assured of careful handling, and testing that meets the intent of Telcordia’s standards.