Real Time Xray Imaging

Silicon Cert Laboratories (SCL) offers Real Time Xray imaging as an in-house analytical services offering.  Xray imaging is the nondestructive, internal examination of devices and packages. Samples ranging from low-density molded packages to higher-density metal can devices as well as circuit boards can be viewed with a high degree of detail. 

Applications for this technology are wide-ranging in that samples from a variety of industries can be examined. Within the microelectronics industry, for example, Xray imaging serves to detect defects such as wirebond problems, solder ball voids, package construction, and die attach voids. Real Time X-Ray imaging is often an important technique used in conjunction with other analytical processes. It is also becoming increasingly important as one of the initial steps when performing counterfeit detection.

SCL’s FeinFocus Xray imaging system can inspect samples in real time through five axis of movement. This allows for an immediate and thorough analysis of structures with varying densities. It operates on the principle of dissimilar transmission of Xrays through different density materials creating an image of various contrasts. The filament within the system produces an electron beam used to excite a target into producing Xrays. The Xray emissions are then directed to and transmitted through the sample. The resultant transmitted Xrays are collected by a detector, translated into electric signals, amplified, and transformed into an Xray image.