Scanning Electron Microscopy


The use of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) technology is an invaluable aid whether characterizing products or resolving failure analysis problems. Electrostatic discharge damage, contamination identification, and micro-crack location are only a few of the uses of SEM when performing failure analysis. Other applications include the evaluation of materials (elemental analysis, mechanical damage, etc.) and quality control evaluations such as dimension verification, plating/coating thickness, and weld cross-sections.

Silicon Cert offers SEM and EDS (Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy) services to our clients. Our Amray 1610 SEM, with LaB6 filament, can provide topographical and compositional information at magnifications of 20x to 20,000x and 120 A° of resolution.  In addition, we can supply our customers with digital images.

A variety of sample prep techniques (cross-sectioning, decapsulation, selective etching, overplating, and deprocessing) allows our engineering team to provide our clients with IN-DEPTH PROBLEM SOLVING at an AFFORDABLE PRICE. Visit our website to access our on-line, confidential SEM Information Request Form for a no-obligation quotation