Accelerated Bias Aging Testing

Accelerated bias aging, HTOB, HTOL, OLT, etc. are some of the names given to tests used in determining the quality or reliability of product. Accelerated bias aging uses elevated temperature to accelerate existing failure mechanisms, thereby simulating years of real-life operation in just hours or days. Regression curves are used to plot the data of failures versus time and temperature. These curves can then be used to extrapolate device performance to the use condition, i.e. temperature. FIT rates (Failures-In-Time, 1e9 device-hours of operation) can be calculated using the results of these aging experiments.

Silicon Cert Laboratories (SCL) not only conducts this test for its customers, but is also capable of providing the customized aging boards required for the test, including their design and prove-in. SCL has the ability to process several dozen units up to 200°C. Typically this test requires the use of dual power supplies, although this may be expanded if necessary. SCL also has ac input capability to age devices dynamically, thus more closely resembling actual use conditions. Our dedicated ovens have internal plug-in sockets, externally mounted application configurable interface cards, real time displays for monitoring each device, elapsed time timers, and chart recorders for temperature, voltage, current monitoring of up to 13 channels. Additionally, SCL offers an option of monitoring and storing snapshot data at intervals ranging from minutes to weeks or longer through the use of our data acquisition system.

As with all testing done at Silicon Cert, accelerated bias aging is performed with the utmost care and under tightly controlled conditions. Our experienced team of professionals, along with rigorous testing guidelines, assures you that all testing is done precisely.