Failure Analysis/Analytical Services

The characterization of materials is an important step in understanding your product’s performance. The product’s processing/construction/operation relationship often holds the key to successful problem-solving or product development. Silicon Cert takes pride in helping their clients develop solutions to challenges in manufacturing, quality assurance and development

Silicon Cert's engineering staff is highly experienced in failure analysis, which consists of analyzing and identifying failure modes in a variety of products. In addition we offer SEM and EDS services to aid our customers with their product characterization and failure analysis problems. A variety of sample prep techniques (cross-sectioning, decapsulation, selective etching, overplating and deprocessing) allows our engineering team to provide our clients with IN-DEPTH PROBLEM SOLVING at an affordable price; obtain a free, no-obligation quote today.

Electronics Packaging Failure Analysis

  • Micro-crack location
  • Electrostatic discharge damage
  • Contamination identification

Material Characterization

  • Surface roughness
  • Mechanical damage
  • Metallurgical / interface structures
  • Elemental analysis

Quality Control Evaluations

  • Dimension verification
  • Weld cross-section
  • Plating/coating thickness