7 Roulette Facts in Detail for Casino Players

7 Roulette Facts in Detail

1. A Little Wheel for a Calculator?

The name “roulette” comes from the French for “little wheel”. The game has historic origins: The concept was invented by French mathematician Blaise Pascal when he was trying to invent a perpetual motion machine that could enhance his calculator invention.

2. The Devil’s Game…

When added together, the numbers on every roulette wheel come to 666. This is why it is sometimes referred to as “The Devil’s Game.” Francois Blanc was one of the Blanc brothers, the founders of Monte Carlo. His success made him the subject of much envy and rumour: he is said to have sold his soul to the devil in exchange for the secrets to winning at roulette…

3. An Imbalanced Wheel can Win You Big

Monte Carlo was also the home to a discovery that allowed one man to win big: Joseph Jagger suspected that some of the roulette wheels had mechanical imbalances that would cause some numbers to come up with greater frequency than others. He hired 6 clerks to painstakingly take note of every number spun. He used this information to identify the imbalanced wheels and reaped the rewards. He was discovered and banned from Monte Carlo, but not without getting a song written about him, as well as inspiring many others to watch out for poorly balanced wheels.

4. Can You Crack Roulette?

There have been many attempts to find a system that could beat the roulette odds. However, none has been conclusively proven. Besides identifying poorly balanced wheels (or loose frets) there is no way to crack roulette. Albert Einstein famouly said that the only way to beat the roulette was to steal the money when the dealer wasn’t looking. So if you aren’t planning to cheat, the best idea is to choose randomly, as this actually results in more wins than any system yet devised.

Place Your Bets on European Roulette

5. Place Your Bets on European Roulette

Where in the world are you more likely to win at roulette: Europe or America? European roulette has better odds. American roulette has an extra number, “00”, but still gives the same payout odds. The American style is actually the older form, common in the early gambling houses of Paris. When casinos began to be designed in Germany, they left out the “00” in an attempt to attract people away from the Paris houses.

6. When in Europe, Go French

However, today, you might actually want to go for the French-style tables, as these have two rules that can work in your favour. If the ball lands on the green zero on outside NRL bets, a rule called “La Partage” (called with same name by some representatives of sports betting Australia) lets you recoup half of your stake. Another rule called “En Prison” allows you to leave your stake on the table for one more spin. These rules cut the house edge in French roulette tables down to just 1.35%.

7. The Easiest Win of All?

Despite the fact that there is no system to “crack” roulette, it is one of the easiest games to win at. We have seen that French roulette gives the house an edge of only 1.35%, but even American roulette only ups the house edge to 5.26%. The odds of winning are thus 1.111 to 1.  So next time you’re in a casino, don’t ignore to play roulette online table!

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