A List Of All Casino Games

It’s said that painting work on the Golden Gate Bridge never ends: by the time workers finish painting at one end, the paint at the other end is in need of a touch-up, so the process starts again immediately. Whether that is true, or it is simply an urban legend, the never-ending painting process is a good metaphor for trying to compile a complete list of all casino games. Continue reading “A List Of All Casino Games”

Where’s the Gold Online Slots from Aristocrat Technologies in Review

Aristocrat Technologies has become famous for bringing in slot machines and online slots games in a variety of disparate themes, and Where’s the Gold is no exception to this rule. This online slots offering is a colourful, showy game that has found a fanbase with online casino game players, and provides everything that players have come to expect from this developer. It caters to both high- and low-stakes playing preferences, and is chock-a-block with appealing animations; fantastic features; and a payout percentage of between 92% and 95%, making it one of the very best games available anywhere. Continue reading “Where’s the Gold Online Slots from Aristocrat Technologies in Review”

Play Jackpot Block Party Slot by Williams Interactive Games

Jackpot Block Party slot is all about having a good time. The game has thirty adjustable win lines which can be played for anything between 0.01 and 2 coins per line. This means that Jackpot Block Party slot is a penny slot and will appeal to players of lower to medium budgets. High rollers are catered for as well, although since the game is a low variance title putting down big bet amounts may deplete your bank roll very fast.

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Review of What a Hoot Mobile Slot Game by Microgaming

What a Hoot is a little mobile slot from Microgaming, which has only nine paylines. The slot has a simple layout as well as very simple game play with almost no special features. Each of the nine paylines can be played, or switched off depending on the player’s preference. Paylines can be played for a coin each, with only the coin values changing. Each coin can cost you between 0.25 and 5.0. This puts What a Hoot very firmly in the middle of the road when it comes to online slots expenses. Continue reading “Review of What a Hoot Mobile Slot Game by Microgaming”

What Is Reverse Line Movement?

Reverse line movement refers to actions taken by bookmakers in the world of betting. The bookmaker will adjust odds in favour of one outcome over the other. Or, if referring directly to a sports match, the bookmaker will shift odds in favour of one team winning over the other.

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What Is Parlay Betting and How to Use it?

Many sports betting enthusiasts have likely heard the term parlay betting, but may still be a bit confused as to how exactly it works. Or, more specifically, if it is worth partaking in this method of betting. The short answer is that parlay betting is best left to those who are experienced with sports betting, and understand how it all works on a deeper level.

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What Is Dead Heat Betting?

In the world of sports betting, there are sometimes unlikely outcomes. A tie, also referred to as a push, is seen as an unlikely outcome, since much is done in football, for example, to avoid it. But it does happen, which calls into question any bets placed for one team winning over the other. In the case of an NFL game ending in a tie, the bettor would simply get their money back, which quickly resolves the situation.

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The Future Of Sports Betting Is Smart Tech

The future of sports betting is rooted in intelligent technology. And even though we’ve known this to be true for some time now, the industry hasn’t yet quite managed to iron out all possible future kinks – if such a thing were even possible to start with. This is not to suggest in any way that technology applied to sports betting in exciting new ways is in any way bad either. Success or failure will depend on the industry’s ability to effectively manage technology within the context of present and future regulations.

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Legalised Sports Betting–The Journey So Far

Betting on sports may appear to be on a particularly slow approach back to ‘normality’ but the latest news on legalisation in the US sketches a scenario driven by a force akin to supernatural intervention. Its difficult to fathom that it had all started as recently as 2018 when New Jersey’s landmark Supreme Court victory ensured legalised betting for all who desired it.

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