What Is Reverse Line Movement?

Reverse line movement refers to actions taken by bookmakers in the world of betting. The bookmaker will adjust odds in favour of one outcome over the other. Or, if referring directly to a sports match, the bookmaker will shift odds in favour of one team winning over the other.

The adjustment will generally be made as a tactic to attract more bets to that outcome, as a means to balance out an inequality in bets being placed. Although, technically speaking, when this is done the odds will no longer accurately reflect the potential outcome of the event.

Why Is It Done?

Reverse line movement is implemented when an event sees an overabundance of bets being placed on one outcome over the other. For the bookmaker, this sort of unbalance can be a big problem, given that making a profit becomes increasingly more difficult.

Obviously, if all bets are placed on a single outcome, more payouts will be made than actual cash being made. If a bookmaker does not implement reverse line movement, they risk suffering significant losses over a very short period of time.

Why Does Imbalance Occur?

Very simply; an imbalance in bets placed occurs when bettors are very clued up. When https://sportsbettingus.org/ice-hockey/ betting enthusiasts are seeing the writing on the wall, in regards to a certain outcome, they are obviously going to place bets to win. Plus, they may also tend to place big bets, looking for maximum payouts.

Interestingly enough, many bookmakers are known to watch the actions taken by their reputedly smartest customers. If too many of a bookmaker’s smartest customers are all placing the same bet, reverse line movement may be implemented as a cautionary measure.

Being Cautious

One major drawback of reverse line movement, as far as the bettor is concerned, is that it can give a very confused idea of outcome potential. Naturally, at a glance many betting enthusiasts assume that odds accurately reflect the potential outcomes. However, if reverse line movement has adjusted these odds, it can give a skewed impression, and an unwise bet may be placed.

This is why it is always important to do research, and look more deeply into betting odds before placing a bet. Information can easily be found online that gives more a more accurate idea of the real potential outcome of an event.

Handicapping Methods

Instead of having to deal with confusing odds, and have to take into account potential reverse line movement, many betting enthusiasts simply settle for traditional handicapping methods. A handicapped bet takes into account the likelihood of one outcome being more likely than the other, and applies a handicap.

This means, for example, that a favourite football team to win may get a handicap of -2 goals. This means that 2 goals will have to be scored, before the team even has a chance of winning. At least as far as the bet is concerned.

Handicap bets take a great many factors into account, and offer up a fair betting option. They also skirt issues with reverse line movement, and drastically simplify the situation.

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