A List Of All Casino Games

It’s said that painting work on the Golden Gate Bridge never ends: by the time workers finish painting at one end, the paint at the other end is in need of a touch-up, so the process starts again immediately. Whether that is true, or it is simply an urban legend, the never-ending painting process is a good metaphor for trying to compile a complete list of all casino games.

It cannot be done, for the simple reason that casinos, whether land-based, online or mobile, are constantly inventing new games. This happens on a daily basis, so that by the time any list of all casino games is completed, it will already be out of date. The best one can do is put together a list of all casino games categories, which group similar games together, along with a list of the main types of games now available within those groups.

Online Slots

Online slots are by far the most popular casino game worldwide, and in Australia and New Zealand, where they are called “pokies”, they are practically a national pastime. They are also the casino game that comes in the most varieties, from simple three-reel machines with one pay line that mimic old-fashioned fruit machines, to five-reelers with 60 or even 100 pay lines that feature detailed animations and extra screens in which a number of bonus rounds can be played. Some are themed around popular films and TV shows, while others are based on fairy tales, literary works and popular cartoons.

There is even Vivaldi’s Seasons, a slots game based on a famous piece of classical music. Video poker, which pays out players for poker combinations based on a fixed pay table, is also more a slot machine than a card game. While many slots machines have a fixed number of pay lines (in other words, players must bet on every line for every spins), almost all of them allow the player to adjust the bet per line to suit their budgets.

Card Games

There are plenty of card games that need to be in any list of all casino games; Blackjack is a perennial favourite, along with its cousins Pontoon and Vingt-et-un. Games like Baccarat and Chemin de Fer are also considered archetypal casino games, and they are also freely available in online versions.

Poker is probably the most famous and popular card game played in casinos. It also comes in dozens of versions, some of which pit the player directly against the dealer, but most of which also include other players to bet against. Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular versions, thanks to high-profile televised tournaments, but poker also comes in exotic versions like pai gow and sic bo.

Spinning Wheels

Roulette is the ultimate casino game of chance, and it is also available in a number of versions, such as Boule, which only uses nine numbers and gives players better odds. “Wheel of fortune” type lotteries are also available in many casinos.


No list of all casino games can be complete without Craps, the classic dice game whose origins are lost in antiquity. It is just one of a number of dice games available, however.

Apart from the games in these basic categories, the list also has to include lottery-type games like Bingo, which is also offered in many online bingo Australia casinos.