F1 Betting In Detail

Betting On F1 Races

Not much can match the thrill of watching a pack of highly engineered super cars tearing down a home straight or breaking hard to take the corner on the perfect line. Watching an F1 race is only surpassed in excitement by placing a bet on it. In New Zealand there are a number of online betting sites which offer various betting markets for F1 fans, ranging from the simple to the more complex. Having a good understanding of these markets is essential to placing a successful and profitable bet. 

Outright Betting

The main betting market in F1 is outright betting. This is basically a bet which is taken over the entire season instead of a race per race basis. Many other sports also offer outright betting, also known as futures betting, but the bets are usually set by bookies before the season begins. Due to Formula One’s ever changing stylistics, punters from New Zealand can place outright bets throughout the season. This leaves much more room for manoeuvre when it comes to placing your bets, and allows you to change as the season does.

F1 Race Winner Odds

Various types of bets can be made on an individual race as well as the entire season. These will of course vary from site to site, but the main popular markets should remain the same. The simplest of these bets is Race Winner. This is exactly as it sounds; placing a bet on who you feel will win the race. Of course as this is F1, many, many things can happen during the race itself to alter you predicted outcome. Make sure that your chosen site offers options should your driver have to retire for any particular reason.

Pole Position

The pole position bet is made the day before the race. On the Saturday before race day the drivers compete to see who can make the fastest lap time, and thus grab the coveted pole position. A pole position bet is simple a guess as to which driver will manage to have the fasted lap time, and thus begin the race in pole position.

Fastest Lap

This is a et which is placed during the actual race on the Sunday. Punters take a guess as to who they think will do the fastest lap overall in the race, regardless of where they finish or where in the pack they are placed. This bet can be placed at any time during race, and the driver does not have to actually finish the race for the bet to be successful.

Top Three Finish

The top three finish bet is another bet which can be made during the race. Many online betting sites offer live betting as well as live streaming of the race is that you can watch it as the action unfolds. The top three bet is again exactly what it sounds like, a bet as to which three drivers will end up mounting the podium at the end of the race.

Safety Car Bet

The final bet offered in F1 racing is whether the safety car will appear during the race. This is simple yes or no bet, and can carry some decent odds depending on which online betting site is offering it.


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