Golf Betting Via Mobile Phone

Betting on golf is an age old tradition, and almost as long as people have been playing the game of golf, they have been betting on the outcome. Golf requires a great deal of skill to play, with professionals dedicating their entire lives to perfecting their swings and understanding ever more complicated strategies. What makes golf betting so interesting, however, is that even the most skilled players can’t foresee some of the unexpected developments that may occur during a game. For example, strong winds may turn a simple golf shot into an immensely difficult one. For these reasons, amongst others, golf betting is still very popular in New Zealand and the world as a whole.

Previously, in order to get involved in golf betting a bet maker would have to take a trip down to a bookmaker’s office, or contact the bookmaker via telephone and hope he picked up. You were also limited to the deals offered by that bookmaker, unless you undertook the long task of manually searching around for better deals. Today, with a standard smart phone, a New Zealand bet maker has access to amazing deals in the palm of their hand.

Smart Phone Access

Your smart phone can be turned into a portable betting station simply by accessing a bookmaker with a web browser, or downloading an appropriate application. If using a web browser you need only navigate to the bookmaker’s website, and you will have instant access to golf betting options, and options for virtually any sport under the sun. Bets can be placed, and winnings collected, all right on your smart phone. It’s a level of convenience that would have golf betting enthusiasts of just a few years ago turning green with envy.

Many online bookmakers also provide free applications for your smart phone, which offer streamlined access for golf betting. These applications can be downloaded and installed in just a few minutes, and will provide golf betting options much more quickly. See if your favourite online bookmaker offers an application. Be sure to keep in mind that the Android version of the application will be required for an Android device, and vice versa for an Apple device.

Golf Betting Options

The standard golf betting sites options involve a simple fixed odds deal on the players to win. A bet placed will be based on the provided odds, which indicate both the likelihood of the player winning, and the amount that will be paid out if the player does win. Higher odds indicate better payouts, but a more risky bet. Low odds in turn indicate lower payouts, but a less risky bet.

You may also wish to place bets on specific golf tournaments, with the option to back a single player as he or she advances through the tournament, until the final conclusion. Such bets will be specific to bookmakers and the betting options they provide. More details, and specific information about specialised betting options, can be requested from the bookmaker via the customer support centre.

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