Is VR Poker The Future?

When we think of casinos and gambling, one of the most iconic images in our heads, is that of people sitting around a poker table, enjoying the game that is almost as old as time itself. No casino experience is complete without the poker tables and rightfully so. The world of poker is one the most well developed and well evolved casino games on the planet.

Poker has become so popular that it has reached Olympic status. This was granted to the game by the Global Association of International Sports Federation in 2017. Besides for this monumental achievement, you can see poker in world tournaments. Besides for physical live tournaments, poker is also enjoyed as an online sport. It is no wonder that Poker is the first gambling sport to be taken into the future with Virtual reality.

The Perks of Virtual Reality Poker

Online poker is already being enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. Virtual reality poker is the simply the next evolutionary step of that. By means of a headset that look almost like those big swimming goggles we used to have, you are inside of a 3d casino. You no longer log on to play poker in a 2d controlled environment. In fact, we have skipped 3d and gone to 4d.

The headset allows you to not only see your game, other players and dealer in the 3d fashion that is completely out of this world, but it also allows you to interact with them. By means of the headset and in some cases controllers as well, you can ‘physically’ flip your own virtual reality cards on the poker table. You can even shake the hand of your fellow poker player.

Why Virtual Reality Poker?

All of this seem completely out of this world and takes us to a Star Trek space ship. It is almost as if we are on the Enterprise’s holodeck. In fact, that is almost exactly what it is, or at least this is probably the beginning phase of that. Gaming companies are constantly upping their game – no pun intended – to keep up with the demanding draw factors of the gaming world.

If you do not stay on top of the technological advances in the gaming world then you simply get left behind. Virtual Reality poker is simply one of those next advances that ensures that it stays relevant and current. It is a way for online casinos to stay in the market. Besides for the relevancy of it, it also has a cool factor to it. That cool factor introduces a new audience to the game of poker.

Impact On Our Eyes

There is of course the very real medical concern of what virtual reality does to our eyes in the long term. This technology has been developed over a long period of time and every detail to taking care of one’s eyes has been taken into account. It is also important to know that the advances in medicine is moving as fast as the advances in gaming.

Fear of damaging our eyes, has been a concern with every new modality of viewing, from new TV’s to 3d Cinema. It is safe to say we have nothing to worry about, other than completely loving virtual reality poker.