Most Exclusive Casinos in the Entire World

Casinos are located all across the globe and unless a nation has a legal ban on gambling, they can be found in most major cities.  Due to their accessibility in the modern day and age, the casino which we choose to visit tends to hinge on our location. There are, however, multiple establishments that are impressive enough to be worthy of swaying your decision on your next holiday location.

Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore

Not only is this casino situated in the most iconic hotel in Singapore, but the building is also host to world-class fine dining restaurants, a shopping centre, and the worlds largest rooftop infinity pool. This casino has over 500 gaming tables and 2300 slot machines, making it a magnet for enthusiastic gamblers across the globe.

If you were not already convinced of the value of this establishment, you are able to visit their in-house theatre or the Marina Bay Sands Science Centre when your luck is feeling down. Even without the casino, this building is a feat of modern architecture and boasts unbeatable entertainment value It should be high up, if not at the top of, every passionate gambler’s bucket list.

Sun City in South Africa

If you are wanting to experience a taste of South Africa while also indulging your love of gambling, Sun City is the place for you. Situated roughly two hours outside of Johannesburg, this casino is in close proximity to Pilanesberg, one of South Africa’s most popular national parks.

You are able to immerse yourself in an authentic African safari atmosphere while also trying your luck at Roulette, Blackjack,, and other casino games. Sun City also offers a level of exclusivity that is not commonly available as you are able to book private venues if you are placing high stake bets and are concerned about safety and confidentiality.

The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden Casino in Germany

This casino is possibly one of the longest standing establishments in the gambling world. It was built in 1820 and remains extremely popular today. It takes the term ‘luxury’ to a whole new level as the splendour of the hotel is on par with that of the casino. Not to mention, they have an on-site spa.

A large part of the appeal of the Kurhaus of Baden-Baden is the fact that it is never overrun with tourists as it is situated in a relatively quiet region near the Black Forest.

The Bellagio in Las Vegas

In this day and age, you cannot help but immediately think of gambling when Las Vegas comes to mind. It has become somewhat of a stronghold for gamblers as people flock from all corners of the planet to experience even a single night at a Las Vegas betting table.

There are naturally endless options to choose from and if you could visit only one, it should be The Bellagio. It has a reputation for being potentially the most extravagant hotel and casino in the world and this alone, should be enough to convince you to visit.