NHL Upsets – Always A Great Opportunity For Sharp Punters.

NHL Upsets

The NHL is the premier Ice Hockey league in North America. The league is made up of teams from both the USA and Canada, and is closely followed by punters from both countries. Over the years there have been a number of great upsets in both games and series which has left a number of clever Canadian punters very much better off than they were before the game.

1994 San Jose Sharks Beat Detroit Red Wings

The San Hose Sharks were only a few years old in 1994, veritable infants in the word of the NHL compared to the rivals the Detroit Redwings. The Sharks previous season had been appalling with a score of 11-71-2. Despite this, they managed to rally the following year and qualified for the playoffs with 82 points, giving them the record of the biggest jump of 58 points from the previous season. The Redwings were the current highest scoring team in the NHL, which made the Sharks victory over them all the more outstanding.

1942 Stanley Cup Finals

A historic upset took place in the 1942 Stanley Cup Finals between the Redwings again and the Toronto Maple Leafs. From a seeding standpoint the Leafs were set as favourites to win the Cup, although much to the surprise of Canadians everywhere they ended up staring down the bleak barrel of a three to one deficit against the Redwings before the final series began. In one of the most stunning comebacks in NHL history, the Leafs managed to crush the Redwings four times out of six, many of which were on the road and one of which was at the Redwings home rink.

2003 Western Conference Quarterfinals

The 2003 Western Conference quarter finals can only be described as an epic fail. The Colorado Avalanche were a number three seed in the game, with their rivals the Minnesota Wild being a number six seed. The Avalanches were fully stocked with hall of fame players such as Milan Hejduk, Peter Forsberg, Joe Sakic, Adam Foote and a goalie by the name of Patrick Roy. It looked as though the series was in the bag before it even began.

The Wild managed to take game one, but lost the next three games to the mighty Avalanche. Facing game five, things did not look good for the Wild. Their concentration on defence had not served them well so far and it looked like a miracle was needed for them to make it through. Somehow that miracle came to pass, with the Wild beating the Avalanche in the next three games, including two on the road, making one of the best comebacks in NHL history.

1938 Stanley Cup Finals

In another major upset during the Stanley Cup Finals, the Toronto Maple Leafs ended up playing the sub .500 Chicago Blackhawks. The Leafs were the vastly superior team, with punters from both Canada and the USA placing mobile bets on them as favourites to win. Such a sure thing were they, that the Stanley Cup itself had actually been shipped off to Toronto before the game even began.

The Blackhawks began the series with an injury stand in by the name of Alfie Moore, a minor league player, in goal. He managed to shut down the Leafs in the first game, setting the Blackhawks down the path to a four game victory. Unfortunately, they were not able to lift the Cup as Champions, because some keen and misguided person had already sent it on to Toronto.

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