What an accumulator bet is?

Accumulator Bets Explained

An accumulator bet is a type of bet that includes four or more bet selections. In order for the accumulator bet to qualify as an accumulator and win, all of the four or more bet selections chosen on must win. Only then will a pay out occur. It only takes one of the bet selections losing to lose the entire bet but if won, the pay-out is potentially huge. 

Accumulator betting is quite popular in Australia and adds some excitement to regular betting. It is most popular on major sports that have long seasons and many different occurrences such as hockey, basketball, football and especially horse racing.

The Attraction to Accumulator Betting

There are two main components to what makes accumulator betting so popular. The first major attraction is the fact that all of the four or more selections come with combined odds that then create good odds and wins that are unlike any regular bet.

The second attraction is that major sporting events in Australia tend to have multiple games that can all be bet on simultaneously which ultimately adds action packed betting thrills to the already enjoyably experience.

How the Accumulator Bets Work

Australian sports betting sites that are Aussie friendly will almost all have accumulator betting options. What it means is that bets can be placed on the winners of four or more games in one type of sport or four or more games of different sports offered at the site.

Each bet placed has its own odds and pay out amount which is paid if won. Each of the bets placed under the one accumulator bet must however win in order for any of the pay outs to be paid. The odds do however increase as each bet is added to the accumulator bet. Essentially meaning the more bets placed under it, the bigger the winning potential is, thus the bigger the pay out.

Different Types of Accumulator Bets

Australian bettors interested in accumulator bets will notice there are multiple types that are defined mainly by the number of bets placed under the accumulator bet. These include doubles, trebles, four-folds, five-folds and six-folds and so on.

There are also each way accumulator bets and non-runners. Each way accumulator bets involve two different types of bets that include the selection on who will win and the selection of the same team or horse to place. If this bet is chosen then a win will occur even if the placement bet is the end result. The odds for this will however have been changed accordingly. There is a greater chance of winning with an each way accumulator but the total pay-out will be slightly reduced.

Non-runners are there for instances such as an injury or weather conditions hamper a selected horse or team from playing a game. If said horse or team is part of the accumulator bet, that particular selection will be removed from the accumulator bet but the bet will still stand and the odds will be adjusted accordingly to compensate. This again means that the pay-out can possibly be reduced.

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