What Is Parlay Betting and How to Use it?

Many sports betting enthusiasts have likely heard the term parlay betting, but may still be a bit confused as to how exactly it works. Or, more specifically, if it is worth partaking in this method of betting. The short answer is that parlay betting is best left to those who are experienced with sports betting, and understand how it all works on a deeper level.

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What Is Dead Heat Betting?

In the world of sports betting, there are sometimes unlikely outcomes. A tie, also referred to as a push, is seen as an unlikely outcome, since much is done in football, for example, to avoid it. But it does happen, which calls into question any bets placed for one team winning over the other. In the case of an NFL game ending in a tie, the bettor would simply get their money back, which quickly resolves the situation.

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The Future Of Sports Betting Is Smart Tech

The future of sports betting is rooted in intelligent technology. And even though we’ve known this to be true for some time now, the industry hasn’t yet quite managed to iron out all possible future kinks – if such a thing were even possible to start with. This is not to suggest in any way that technology applied to sports betting in exciting new ways is in any way bad either. Success or failure will depend on the industry’s ability to effectively manage technology within the context of present and future regulations.

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Legalised Sports Betting–The Journey So Far

Betting on sports may appear to be on a particularly slow approach back to ‘normality’ but the latest news on legalisation in the US sketches a scenario driven by a force akin to supernatural intervention. Its difficult to fathom that it had all started as recently as 2018 when New Jersey’s landmark Supreme Court victory ensured legalised betting for all who desired it.

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Tips For Golf Bets

Golf is one of the longest running sports in the world, and has undergone few changes as to how it was originally played. Hence, the sport is said to have a strong legacy, and likewise very dedicated and passionate fans. The sport is most popular in Europe and the United states, but there is also a strong fan base In New Zealand. Many New Zealanders, as well as enjoying the game, also find golf to be a great betting sport. This is because gold can often be unpredictable, with unexpected victories by so called underdog players.

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Free Betting Rewards 

With a multitude of online operators providing free betting services to punters from New Zealand, Kiwis can opt for a host of various online platforms in order to secure multiple free betting offers from top quality establishments.

Nearly all free betting rewards are offered to new players who sign up with a particular provider. These rewards are enticing and have the potential for a lucrative boost in initial bank roll balance, allowing Kiwis to experience the providers service through a free betting bonus. Continue reading “Free Betting Rewards “

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Your Guide to Handicap Betting

Handicap betting adds excitement to points based sports betting and is common on many major sports like football, basketball, hockey, tennis and so on. It is quite common to find handicap betting in racing type of sports, especially horse racing.

As a bettor in Canada you will find many top rated online sports betting sites that cater for handicap betting on all your favourite sports. If you are a beginner to sports betting or even simply to handicap betting, it is vital that you have a solid understanding of what handicap betting is and how it works because interpreting the odds is key to effective betting. Continue reading “Your Guide to Handicap Betting”

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Golf Betting Via Mobile Phone

Betting on golf is an age old tradition, and almost as long as people have been playing the game of golf, they have been betting on the outcome. Golf requires a great deal of skill to play, with professionals dedicating their entire lives to perfecting their swings and understanding ever more complicated strategies. What makes golf betting so interesting, however, is that even the most skilled players can’t foresee some of the unexpected developments that may occur during a game. For example, strong winds may turn a simple golf shot into an immensely difficult one. For these reasons, amongst others, golf betting is still very popular in New Zealand and the world as a whole. Continue reading “Golf Betting Via Mobile Phone”

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F1 Betting In Detail

Betting On F1 Races

Not much can match the thrill of watching a pack of highly engineered super cars tearing down a home straight or breaking hard to take the corner on the perfect line. Watching an F1 race is only surpassed in excitement by placing a bet on it. In New Zealand there are a number of online betting sites which offer various betting markets for F1 fans, ranging from the simple to the more complex. Having a good understanding of these markets is essential to placing a successful and profitable bet.  Continue reading “F1 Betting In Detail”

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