Start Playing Smart And Losing Less With ‘Chance’ Games

In the world of casino games, especially when it comes to games that have a luck factor involved, the chances that you will have the ability to predict the odds for every single round is very small. In the straightforward game of baccarat, your simply betting on the hand that will be the highest. You, the player, a banker, and the option to bet on a tied value are all available. As you can see already, there is no way you can know for sure whether or not either one of you have a higher hand. Although the best practice suggested by a lot of players is to always bet on the banker, you could always use a strategy.

Remember, this will let you alter the odds in any way

When people say ‘strategy’ and mention casino games, they will often think of a perfect magic system that somehow solves the game allows you to predict every possible outcome. You should know right now that this isn’t what happens. No system or strategy can in any way alter the odds throughout the games. The only thing you can do with a strategy or a system, is to play smart and learn how to profit and minimize your losses. If you are still interested, you should take a look at this and apply some of these ideas the next time you choose to play baccarat.

See what the strategy means

The most prominent strategies revolve around the 1 – 3 – 2 – 6 system and a slightly altered version devised by the Fortune Palace in 2006, 1 – 3 – 2 – 4. The big idea behind the sequence is to convert all of these numbers into units. So, the sequence you should follow when it comes to the amount of your wager is now 10$, 30$, 20$ and 40$. If you do manage to win all four of your bets, of course you are going to be in huge profit. Remember that you get double of your bets every time you win, so you would approximately be able to make 200$ from your four wins, with investing only 100$, provided that you do manage to win four bets in a row.

It protects you from losing too much

While winning four times in a row is really rare and might not occur every time, the beauty of this system lies in the fact that even if you lose, you are not going to suffer a devastating loss financially. And at any point, if you win the first two of your bets, you are going to end up with a profit regardless of the outcome of the other two bets. Let’s explain this further: Your first bet would be 10$, and upon winning you would have made 20$. The next one is 30$, so upon winning, you would be profiting by 60$. See how the next bet is smaller again? If you lose 20$, and then 40$, you would still be good for 20$ and not in any kind of a loss. Of course, if you win more bets, your profits increase by that much, creating a soft cushion for you to land on even if you lose the next one.